• Mother’s Day III – Worship Her

    The best midwives know that birth is best left to nature,That their role is to hold space for that moment of raw creation –That moment where Mother and Child are born,Roared into reality, trial by ring of fire and labor of love They know pushing on one’s back is easier for the doctorAnd works against…

  • Morning Prayer VII

    A Gentle Reminder from Godde: Go where you are called,for too shall I be there.Be not afraid of the roador the lack of one –I will move mountains for you.Consider it already done.Child, breathe. Perhapsyou are not meant to know.For now, just simply be. And so it is.Blessed Be.

  • It’s Here! My first book of poetry is now available!

    I’m so excited to finally share this with you! My first book of poetry, Something Resembling God, is now available on Amazon. This collection is so close to my heart – they are all poems about the many beautiful, messy, human ways we relate to The Divine. It feels like a love song for the…

  • Oh Honey

    Oh Honey, Stop pretending you are small Just because you are terrified Of your enormity.

  • Higher Power

    God is everywhere – The Great Whatever-The-Fuck-Keeps-Us-Going Doesn’t care what you call it.

  • Morning Prayer I

    Goddess,May the air I breathe be touched by magicMay I be filled with loving kindnessMay I be of service to myself and othersMay I choose my thoughts and words with intentionMay I cultivate inner peaceMay I be a loving and present partner, parent, and friendMay I forgive myself for being humanMay I offer others the…