It’s Here! My first book of poetry is now available!

I’m so excited to finally share this with you! My first book of poetry, Something Resembling God, is now available on Amazon. This collection is so close to my heart – they are all poems about the many beautiful, messy, human ways we relate to The Divine. It feels like a love song for the soul searcher – unafraid to name that sometimes, we all want to scream at (our understanding of) God at least as just as much as we want to marvel at the wonders of the Universe.

It’s very witchy and UU – this is not a book of pretty poems about any sort of mainstream understanding of God. It’s so much more about the great love and mystery of creation and our strange little corners of the interdependent web of existence.

Purchase Something Resembling God on Amazon here.

To learn more about commissions, use this link.

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