• It’s Here! My first book of poetry is now available!

    I’m so excited to finally share this with you! My first book of poetry, Something Resembling God, is now available on Amazon. This collection is so close to my heart – they are all poems about the many beautiful, messy, human ways we relate to The Divine. It feels like a love song for the…

  • Oh Honey

    Oh Honey, Stop pretending you are small Just because you are terrified Of your enormity.

  • New Year: 2023

    Maybe this year, No sweeping resolutions..

  • “Are you really my auntie?”

    Some of us have familiesWho are our people,Bound by blood and name –Many branches, one tree.Some of us have peopleWho are our families,Chosen and cherished,Many flowers, one garden.You are my people.And I love you dearly.That is all that matters.

  • ‘Twas the UU Night Before Christmas

    ‘Twas the night before Christmas at the UU in town,The chalice was lit and the church gathered ‘round.The coffee was brewed and the cookies were made,everyone waiting patiently for the next day The sanctuary sparkled with shimmer and shineAnd it didn’t quite matter if they started on time.The music was joyful and the energy lightBecause…

  • Higher Power

    God is everywhere – The Great Whatever-The-Fuck-Keeps-Us-Going Doesn’t care what you call it.

  • Morning Prayer III

    God, I am tired.The days grow shorter and colder,But God, they are still so long,and so full.The hungry ghosts who liveIn the space between tasksNever stop wailing –They are never satisfied. God, let me be satisfied.Let me feel confidentThat I am enough,My efforts are enough,And Grace residesIn the space between breaths – May I rememberTo…