The Goddess is a Southern Grandma

Based on a true story.

I say,
“May nothing evil cross this door.”

I say,
“I release all
and agreements
Which no longer serve me.
That which serves
my highest good
may stay.”

And then
The smoke
Must have gotten to my head
‘Cause I heard the Goddess saying,
“You tell ‘em, baby.”

The Goddess says,
“Let there be laughter here,
And music.
Let us
Contort ourselves in jubilance
Without apology.
Everything which does not serve
And welcome in:

Joy and resilience
As spiritual practice,
Our toes tapping
And our fingers trembling
Like it’s the first day of spring
And we’ve got a whole lot of blooming to do.

Open the door
And tell ‘em you’re coming –
All of you,
Every bruised and brilliant bit of you
Every half-finished masterpiece
And your steadfast determination
To save the world,
Every holy declaration of your worth,
Every ounce of validation
You never had to earn.”

And the Goddess says,
Sweet as tea,
“Mother Mary
Liked to dance sometimes,
With baby Jesus on her hip,
Laughing right along.
They would smile at the moon,
And I’d smile right back at them.

So go outside, baby,
Breathe in deep the midnight air
And let there be moonlight
So I can see y’all dancing.”

And it was good.

Blessed Be.

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