• Final Master’s Project – Anagape Trauma and the Beloved Community

    This is my presentation of my thesis project for my Master’s of Religious Leadership for Social Change at Starr King School for the Ministry. It has been an incredible labor of love and a healthy dose of tears and swear words over the last year, and I couldn’t be more proud of it. I hope…

  • Morning Prayer VII

    A Gentle Reminder from Godde: Go where you are called,for too shall I be there.Be not afraid of the roador the lack of one –I will move mountains for you.Consider it already done.Child, breathe. Perhapsyou are not meant to know.For now, just simply be. And so it is.Blessed Be.

  • Higher Power

    God is everywhere – The Great Whatever-The-Fuck-Keeps-Us-Going Doesn’t care what you call it.

  • “This I Know” – An Installation Blessing

    LREDA and UUMA Colleagues may use this video for worship, etc. free of charge. Please be sure to use my correct pronouns – they/them – when giving attribution. Click here to support my work. “This I Know” – A Blessing for the Ministries of the Rev. Misha Dawn Sanders and Northwest Unitarian Universalist CongregationWritten by HP…

  • Screaming at God. (the nice thing about a blanket fort)

    (Or a depression pit, As my wife half-jokingly calls it, Hoping to remind me Not to get to comfortable, that I can’t stay too long) But the nice thing is If you tuck yourself in just right, If your toes are all covered and you’re properly warm and cozy and finally starting to calm down…

  • A Blessing for Month 19

    When loveFeels like the trenchesAnd the only way outIs through hell –And you have seen enough of hell,Thank-you-VERY-much –And giving upIs the onlyLessDesirable option – Breathe. Be heldBy whatever-the-fuck-in-Godde’s-nameHas carried you this far. And rest there.