Oh Honey

Something resembling God arrives unannounced,
plants Herself on Your couch, feet up on the
coffee table, shoes covered in mud,
and then asks if She can come in.

It’s hard to believe it’s really Her,
but it’s harder not to.

She holds a tulip like a cigarette and
dares You
to waste Her time.
Looks You dead in the eye, takes Her 
own name in vain, and reads You
like a drag queen who just came
in second place

Deep inhale

Bless Your heart
Where do I even begin?

Oh Honey,
You have to act like you believe in
Yourself, not just say it. 

Oh Honey,
Stop pretending you are small just because
You are terrified of Your enormity

Oh Honey,
It’s hard to be a Galaxy, 
but it’s harder not to


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