• A Baptism

    I drape my legs over the side of the bathtubAnd my child splashes them with bubbles.I think of Jesus washing the feet of his disciples. I never felt unworthy until they put you in my arms,Never felt terror until I counted your tiny breaths,Never knew God until I saw your smile. Baptized now by bubblesAnd…

  • Most High

    You are more Godde/Enshrined in human form/Than I ever knew I believed in…

  • Love You More

    I love you more than I hate conflict, More than keeping peace. I love you more Than I ever loved tequila

  • The Gospel of Mary and Motherly Love

    Posted with permission from Julia Davis and deep reverence for her commitment to love and faith.

  • Dear Henry,

    Never doubt that you matter. Your voice, your emotions, and your needs matter, and you are allowed to choose yourself.

  • Mothering

    When I say, “mama” I mean, “You’re the only one in this god forsaken restaurant Who actually means it when they smile.” When I say, “mama” I mean, “I want to get clean and sober like you.” When I say “mama” I mean “You have shown me love in action in a way Only a…

  • On Defining Success

    “I had high hopes that he would actually eat lunch today, and I was also unsurprised when the prophetic mac and cheese arrived and he refused to eat it..”