Most High

As long as I can remember,
Every now and then,
My hands would wander
And come to rest
Upon the empty space
That would one day
Be a womb,
And I would wonder
What it feels like
To shield a heartbeat
Growing beneath my own.

You are more beautiful
And frustrating
Than my dreams could have dreamed.
You are more perfect
And humanly flawed
Than anything could ever be made.
You are more Godde
Enshrined in human form
Than I ever knew I believed in.

Bright star,
Silent night,
Blessed sunrise,
You are the most high.

This world is cruel.

This world lives in struggle
That is neither natural nor holy,
Neither sanctioned nor sane.

This world is hurting,
And will one day hurt you.

Now the space beneath my heart
Is void once more
And that heart beats
Outside it’s cage,
Wandering wherever you may lead
Shielding yours as best it can.

Wherever you may go,
Wherever sorrow meets you,
Wherever doubt knocks at your door,
Feel my heartbeat there
And know
You are sacred
Exactly as you are –
And I revere you.

You are the most high.

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