For Henry

My Dear Little Bear,

We are souls with bodies
Not just bodies with souls.
This is just a pit stop,
Though we still need to make the most of it.

I love you across oceans and time, realms and realities.
Being your mother is the greatest gift of this lifetime,
But knowing you is the greatest gift of them all.

Do not just march –
Charge forward
In kindness.
Be aggressively compassionate,
Unyieldingly empathetic,
Eternally optimistic –
Though not naive.

The world is yours, Little Bear.
It is yours – and also all the others’.
There is no us or them,
Only us.

Is the thief of joy
And competition
The great hinderer
Of enlightenment.

The divine is in every footstep,
But do not get so entranced in finding it
That you forget to
Just keep walking.

Is not a myth –
Most certainly is.

You are loved.
You are enough.
You are one with the Divine
And with every living thing.

You are a part of something greater,
And also
An entire universe
In and of yourself.

Wishing you all the best –
And then some.


Written by Helen Rose
On November 24, 2018

One response to “For Henry”

  1. […] my friends and meeting new ones, and really working on the things that I need to work on. I wrote a poem for Henry a while back, and I think I really need to take my own advice: The Divine is in every footstep, […]


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