• Sometimes

    Godde Is just a sprinkle Right before midnight When there was only A 10% chance But you’ve been Wishing for rain All day.

  • “Angels of the Get Through”

    I always thought “chase your dreams” was something people just said but didn’t mean. I’m in awe at the way the Universe has showed up for me, and I don’t have to go any further than my kitchen to see the most spectacular gifts she has shared with me on this journey.

  • Instruments of Peace

    Sometimes I go searching for peace in yoga, in bitter herbal tea sweetened with honey from back home. I look for it in beautiful crystals chosen carefully to help me name my intentions, in the sweet smoke of palo santo filling a room. I beg my spirit guides and angels to bring me to it.…

  • Glory, Hallelujah and the Universal Manager

    Glory, Hallelujah and the Universal Manager Helen Rose September 27, 2019 Gosh, what was the last time I wrote a blog post? It’s been a hot minute, and I’m so glad to be back. You might notice the blog looks quite a bit different. As I prepared to enter my new job, I took down…