The Light of Godde

The Light of Godde
Helen Rose
Written in November 2018
Revised and electronically published in March 2019

Once upon a time, a teacher told me to imagine a door in my mind’s eye, and to walk through it when I was ready.

First to mind was the red door of the Catholic Church where I was baptized. When I crossed the threshold and entered the sanctuary, I was drawn to the white flowers upon the alter. They reminded me of the arrangement from my great grandmother’s funeral. They emitted a beautiful white light.

“That,” the teacher said, “is the light of Godde.”

I flinched. I did not much care for or even believe in God. Religion had left a bitter taste in my mouth and I had rejected it enthusiastically.

But Godde does not mean a deity. Godde can be goodness. Godde can be love. Godde is just the Earthly name we give to wonders we know exist, but cannot explain.

The teacher told me that I can enter that sacred space in my mind’s eye and fill myself with the Light of Godde at any time.

As time went on and my third eye slowly blinked open, my journeys to the sacred space shifted.

I no longer saw the Catholic Church, but my own spiritual home. It was a more modern, simple building. It was not ornate or grandiose in any way, but there was Light there, in the form of a chalice upon the alter.

I would visit from time to time, taking a rest or a bit of Light when I needed it, but not really spending much, if any, time just being.

Months later, I would come to the teacher in crisis.

She told me to imagine a grounding cord emerging from the base of my spine like a root.

She told me to imagine it extending from my body, through the chair, the floor, the foundation of the building and into the Earth. She said to allow it to wrap it around something sturdy – the Earth’s core, a large rock, anything I could depend on.

I imagined it passing straight through the center of the Earth and wrapping back around to hang me.

Later that week, more crisis. This time, instead of visiting in my mind’s eye, I visited in the physical realm. I entered the church, lit the chalice, and basked in my own pain and in the Light of Godde.

After a while, I closed my eyes. I imagined the grounding cord again, and this time, it wrapped around the center of the Earth.

Simultaneously, I saw myself and all others arm in arm, like the community candle we light some Sunday mornings. Some were tethered and some were not, but we all stayed linked and steady. The energy shifted, some became untethered and others never became tethered at all, but the web of life cradled us all equally, and we all moved forward together.

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