A Note to Myself for When I’m Anxious:

A Note to Myself for When I’m Anxious
Helen Rose
December 13, 2018

I need to get out of my own head.
I need to remember next to no one analyzes my behavior the way I do.
I need to remember everyone around me is also engrossed in their own thoughts.
I need to remember I don’t have to believe everything I think.
I need to remember not everything must be done right now.
I need to take a breath.
I need to meditate.
I need to enjoy this moment for what it is.
I need to trust that I am capable and competent.
I need to trust that most people are not out to cause harm.
I need to believe that I am as good as I know I am,
not as bad as my doubts want me to believe.
I need to remember to take a step back, time away, a moment to pause.
These feelings are good,
They mean I am growing
They mean I have more to learn
They mean I get to keep going, and I get to try again
Everything really will be ok –
I just forget to remember that sometimes.


One response to “A Note to Myself for When I’m Anxious:”

  1. […] Anxiety has been a major player in my life since I was a child. By third grade, I had learned to minimize my vulnerability by minimizing my voice and retreating into myself. I vividly remember one day in music class refusing to participate in a song. I said it was stupid, but really, it was just silly and silly was not something I allowed myself to be. […]


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