• Higher Power

    God is everywhere – The Great Whatever-The-Fuck-Keeps-Us-Going Doesn’t care what you call it.

  • Cactus

    I asked my spouse To stop buying me flowers – “Buy me a houseplant instead, So I don’t have to watch them die.” So now my “Sorry you got assaulted” cactus Sits on the mantle Next to Uncle Frank and the “Congratulations on 6 months sober!” cactus And the one I picked up For her…

  • Dear Body: A Narrative Shift & Ritual Offering of Psychiatric Medication

    I’m writing about this because when I spoke to my doctor about it, they said that since the pandemic, an incredible number of people are dealing with depression, anxiety, and other mental health symptoms, some for the first time, some after long periods of remission, and some are facing more intense symptoms than usual. Remember that…

  • 2019 Was [Good As] Hell

    Sometimes, Love breaks your heart wide open to clear away what no longer serves you and to open the door to new possibilities.

  • “Angels of the Get Through”

    I always thought “chase your dreams” was something people just said but didn’t mean. I’m in awe at the way the Universe has showed up for me, and I don’t have to go any further than my kitchen to see the most spectacular gifts she has shared with me on this journey.

  • Instruments of Peace

    Sometimes I go searching for peace in yoga, in bitter herbal tea sweetened with honey from back home. I look for it in beautiful crystals chosen carefully to help me name my intentions, in the sweet smoke of palo santo filling a room. I beg my spirit guides and angels to bring me to it.…

  • monsters

    pain used to be all lost toys and skinned knees pain used to be darkness, monsters in the night, all that was unknown – i think knowing is scarier. knowing there is nothing in the closet but skeletons & your mother’s wedding dress, knowing the corpses that hang from your family tree, knowing you could…