• A Baptism

    I drape my legs over the side of the bathtubAnd my child splashes them with bubbles.I think of Jesus washing the feet of his disciples. I never felt unworthy until they put you in my arms,Never felt terror until I counted your tiny breaths,Never knew God until I saw your smile. Baptized now by bubblesAnd…

  • Manifestations of the Pandemic

    Manifestations of the Pandemic Helen Rose Sunday, May 3, 2020 So, apparently there’s a pandemic going on. It’s a scary time. From what I can tell from a safe distance, everyone is handling it differently. I have friends who are living their best lives, friends who are struggling but adapting, friends who are suicidal, and…

  • 2019 Was [Good As] Hell

    Sometimes, Love breaks your heart wide open to clear away what no longer serves you and to open the door to new possibilities.

  • “Angels of the Get Through”

    I always thought “chase your dreams” was something people just said but didn’t mean. I’m in awe at the way the Universe has showed up for me, and I don’t have to go any further than my kitchen to see the most spectacular gifts she has shared with me on this journey.