‘Twas the UU Night Before Christmas

‘Twas the night before Christmas at the UU in town,
The chalice was lit and the church gathered ‘round.
The coffee was brewed and the cookies were made,
everyone waiting patiently for the next day

The sanctuary sparkled with shimmer and shine
And it didn’t quite matter if they started on time.
The music was joyful and the energy light
Because everyone knew who was coming that night

And something that’s awesome is UU’s don’t worry –
We’re all on the nice list, nobody’s just naughty.
We know that enlightenment isn’t a race
And we’re thankful to gather in this loving space

We all believe different and that is ok,
We know that some kindness can go a long way
Even when things are hard and the going gets rough,
We strive to remember we can Side With Love

We all work together to make our church home
In person or online, wherever we roam
While distance can be hard, we know that is true
Our Beloved Community has to have you!

Whatever the weather, be it humid or cold,
We have a long hist’ry as a people so bold,
So bold to believe in the world that we dream,
We know it’s much closer than it sometimes seems

Christmas is special, and so is the Solstice
They help us remember the blessings of Darkness,
The beauty of stillness and deep winter slumber,
The promise of springtime and whispers of summer

Rest gently, Beloveds, sleep, come soft as snow,
The Universe loves you, I just thought you should know.
Tomorrow no matter how you spend your time,
Remember you matter in this great web of life.

We put out the chalice, but you are the light
Many blessings to all, and to all a good night.

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