DMs From the Divine

“There are no coincidences,”
The Medicine Woman reminds me.
“Only co-incidences.”

Kind of like how God likes to slip into my DMs
with a breathtaking sunrise,
no better possible view
Than my bedroom window… and
dare me to call it a coincidence that
I was just begging for a reason
to face another day.

“Beloved, You are the reason.”

My spirit guides gave up
On waiting for me to meditate
So now they communicate
Exclusively through Tweets and triggering memes.

@YourGuardianAngel tweeted:
Drink some water, bitch.
#loveandlight #blessed

This journey is a lot more like
Love and Lightsabers,
And losing everything
That once defined you and still
Becoming more and more
With every moon phase –
Love and light and loss and
lovers of leaving and
Life is a mirror
Of whatever voice We allow to be

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