Dear Person,

I hope this message
Finds you well,
Though your message
Did not find me the same.

Thank you for your request.
It is reasonable,
And well within the scope
Of my abilities
And duties.

You see,
The world is on fire,
And I am burning to a crisp
As I type.

You see,
You did not ask
Too much of me,
It’s just that
Everything is too much,
And I will not be able
To meet your expectations –
Or my own,
For that matter.

Beloved, it is not you,
And it is not me either.
It’s simply that
The world is on fire
And it is all I can do
To try to douse the flames
In my own heart,
Much less in my home,
Much less in my loved ones,
And I simply have nothing left
For anything else.

I hope you understand.

Warm Regards,
Another Person

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