Story-Based Online RE Lesson Plan – “Wilma Jean the Worry Machine”

Chalice Lighting

Check In

  • How are you doing?
  • What’s one awesome or interesting thing you’ve done or learned since social distancing?


  • Wilma Jean the Worry Machine

Follow Up & Activity

  • What is something you’re worried about?
  • Write down each worry on a post-it, stick to a window, board, or piece of paper. Then, put up line like in the story and ask kids to work together to see which worries can and can’t be controlled.
  • Ask kids to go find a hat, like in the story
  • When they get back:
  • “Alright, friends, everyone put on your hats. If you have any worries you didn’t want to name, you can think them into your hat. Then, you can go tip them out outside, or into the toilet, or you can hold on to them if you think you might like them back later.
  • But I’m going to take all of these ones here and put them in my hat. My hat and I will hold on to them for you. If you want them back, you can just ask your parent to send me an email and I’ll give it back, sound good?”

Chalice Extinguishing

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