Gay Street

We’re standing on Gay Street
Under your huge rainbow umbrella
On our very first absolutely-not-a-date
The very first time I realize
We are absolutely
Not getting out of here the same.

The lavender latte I had that night
Tasted like soap.
It was not good.
But I would probably smile
Through a mug of actual soap
If it meant I got to sit beside you.

We were absolutely not dating
All the times we accidentally wore
Almost the exact same thing,
Hearts dancing through aquariums
And dusty vintage stores,
A pristine queer Christmas card
Absolutely unbothered
By the depths of how strange
This life can be.

Standing beside you on Gay Street
Under your huge rainbow umbrella
I wanted to say,
“Want to make out?”
Instead, I got lost
Somewhere between someday
And your smile.

I find myself
One full year later
Sipping on lavender tea
That tastes like sunlight.

It reminds me of the blistering shine
Of unlikely family,
How sometimes, we can love a person
Long before they learn to love themselves.

I hope I never run out of chances
To see you roll your eyes
When I ask you
If my stubborn adoration of you
Make me look gay.

I can’t wait to go to Pride again,
To take turns carrying the flag
To take turns carrying the weight
Of whatever life seems to think we can handle

We march down Gay Street
And the Universe cheers
For the love story she wrote
With homemade lasagna
And mixed CDs,
And every
We laughed and somedayed through.

Every soapy latte
That was worth every last sip –

Nothing has ever been the same since.

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