Christianity-Informed Patriarchy in the United States as a System of Oppression

This paper and presentation are the product of two semesters of work at East Tennessee State University. I am proud of myself for the quality of the work and just for completing it, especially in the midst of single parenting, relocating to a new state, starting a new career, and continuing on the beautiful and rigorous spiritual journey I’ve set out on, and for earning a perfect score on the assignment.

You can see the presentation video and read the full text of the paper below. I look forward to learning more about this topic as I begin my studies at Starr King School for the Ministry next semester.

Capstone PDF

*Correction: Page 7 refers to “the original Hebrew text.” The original text was Greek.


Instructor Feedback:

“Helen, Students rarely earn a perfect score on the Capstone, but you have earned this. Your argument is well-written, well-organized, logical and uses reliable sources to support your points. You are insightful in your analysis—pointing out that the idea of redemption for a “sin” that humankind (particularly women) have never committed and building a belief system around it is brilliant. The fact that gender roles also harm men is an idea that most people never consider. Congratulations on completing the Capstone, and I truly wish you the best as you continue on to graduate school. You will make an amazing leader in the field of true spirituality. Happy Winter Solstice!”



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