Anam Cara

I wish I had a more eloquent way to say
“You are so beautiful”
Because I know I say it enough
That you don’t always believe me

I want to spend my whole life
Finding new ways to tell you
About how your diamond eyes
Make me want to consider
Abandoning my last name –
Reconsider my commitment
To never wearing a ring

New ways to tell you
That the butterfly
Came to rest upon your face
Because your smile
Is the sweetest nectar
Of the Gods

That Godde herself came to tell me
To get myself together
So I could be halfway respectable
When our paths finally crossed –

She also said
Not to put you on a pedestal
Because your skin burns easily
When exposed to the heat
Of admiration –

She said you also need the shade.
She said you need space to breathe.

I don’t think distance in miles
Means much of anything at all
When our souls have history
When this reincarnation
Will not be our last
When our destinies are intertwined –
Romance novels say that all the time

This is not a romance novel

This is anything but trite
I don’t think my mind can be changed
From seeing the
Of our first hello

The way our human bodies embraced
And finally
Something was right in this world.

If this was the 1800’s
I’d send you a postcard with violets on the front
So two hundred years later
We could find it in an antique store
And see our yearning
Memorialized in the pristine script
Of friends of years long passed

My grandma said,
“You can’t help who you love.”
She said,
“Everyone needs a heart friend.”

Anam cara
Means “soul friend”

And highest good
Means a butterfly
Perched upon your face
Drinking in the nectar of your smile
And me,
The sun –
Too hot to get too close,
Setting slowly,
Casting golden rays
Across your diamond rings
Singing, “hello, beautiful”
With every morning ray

And meaning it –

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