God is great/Godde is good

My toddler son comes home
From the Baptist daycare
Saying “God is great
God is good.”

I say:
“What is God?”

I say:
“Let’s not invoke deities
We do not understand.”

I say:
We are so quick
To find God in innocence,
In the delicate petals
Of a newborn flower,
In music,
In the silver linings-

Why is it so hard to see
Godde in ourselves?

Godde need not be worshipped
But honored
By making our every moment
A holy sacrament
By living our entire lives as a prayer

We are sacred
We are holy
We are One.

I say:
“You are great.
You are good.”

You are Godde –

As much as innocence,
As much as the delicate petals
Of a newborn flower.
As much as Ode to Joy,
As much as anyone
Or anything
That has ever been
Or ever will be.

There is no distance
Between us
And the Divine.
There is no us and them

There is only us.

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