I am thirsty for something I’m not sure exists,
For a life sans pretext
A life well lived.

I yearn to wander
To escape.
I am not sad –
But I do not want to be here anymore.

I want to be at peace.
One with the Earth and the salt of the sea.
I want to cultivate that which sustains me
And of all chains and systems
Break free.

I want not to wear another’s name on my shirt
Sing another’s song
Live according to some law or some book
But by the calling of my heart.

We live fearful lives
Fearing pain, discomfort, the unknown
Wearing seatbelts to protect our bodies
And masks to protect our souls.

When did we fall away from being one another’s?
Who would hurt another being
When to harm another
Is to harm oneself?

When did we get hungry
For money
For power
And stop feeding our deepest desires?

When did love become political
And my body his to control?

I am ravenous
For the earth beneath my bare feet
To see a twin flame in another’s eyes
And know
That I am not the only one
Who wants to do more
Than pay bills
And die.

One response to “Wanderlust.”

  1. Linda Hayes

    Beautiful, Rose. Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

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