• On AA, Abusive Relationships, and Love

    I went to an AA meeting today. AA is not where I wanted to be on Christmas Day and honestly, I don’t even like AA, but holidays are hard it was the only recovery group available to me. I figured something was better than nothing.

  • Unapologetic Self-Care for When the Holidays are Hard

    I couldn’t have imagined six months ago what this Christmas would look like, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. I never could have imagined five years ago that I would have a toddler this Christmas or two years ago that I would be sober this Christmas. Change is difficult, and it’s also the…

  • Healing

    In a heartbeat, the oriental rug Became a sea of Tiny glass beads. I asked if I should pick them up Or find the vacuum. “I’ll get them,” she says. I would have just vacuumed them. I go about my day. Later, I consider the sea of Tiny glass beads Scattered on the oriental rug.…

  • On Special Needs, Accessibility, and Advocacy

    The cultural attitude of prioritizing profit over people is not sustainable. Cycles of poverty, substance abuse, and incarceration all feed into one another and they are all fueled by the attitude that money is more important than humanity.

  • A Note to Myself for When I’m Anxious:

    Everything really will be ok – I just forget to remember that sometimes.

  • Mental Healthcare 101

    In social work, a big part of assessing a client’s needs is a bio-psycho-social-spiritual assessment…