• Flower Communion Compassion Meditation

    Consider for a moment what you need upon your journey. Do you need a companion? A community? A moment to pause…?

  • A Pagan Retelling of the Prayer of St. Francis

    Goddess, make me an instrument of peace…

  • Anam Cara

    If this was the 1800’s I’d send you a postcard with violets on the front So two hundred years later We could find it in an antique store And see our yearning Memorialized in the pristine script Of friends of years long passed

  • Morning

    Baptismal rain/Washes the feet/Of the life-worn goddess…

  • Love You More

    I love you more than I hate conflict, More than keeping peace. I love you more Than I ever loved tequila

  • Identify

    “I identify as a forest gremlin,” They say, Their tree limb appendages Hugging bark – A true flower child. I identify as: The last tree I climbed, At four years old – I identify as: Fear, As if by magic, Turned anxiety Turned self-doubt Turned shame Turned power As I clung To a too-high branch…