• Love Is

    Love Is a fairy ring Magic Growing from the decay Of that Which no longer serves Mountains Sheltering the valley Where new hope Blooms The nest Where fragile life Gains the strength To fly. 4-3-2020

  • Comfort Me (A Prayer)

    Mother Goddess, Lay my head upon your chest…

  • Dying

    In Tarot The Death card Rarely means death It means: “Nothing gold can stay.” It means Letting go Being scared And daring greatly Anyway Is the only way We truly Live

  • Gay Street

    We’re standing on Gay Street Under your huge rainbow umbrella On our very first absolutely-not-a-date The very first time I realize We are absolutely Not getting out of here the same. The lavender latte I had that night Tasted like soap. It was not good. But I would probably smile Through a mug of actual…

  • 2019 Was [Good As] Hell

    Sometimes, Love breaks your heart wide open to clear away what no longer serves you and to open the door to new possibilities.

  • “Angels of the Get Through”

    I always thought “chase your dreams” was something people just said but didn’t mean. I’m in awe at the way the Universe has showed up for me, and I don’t have to go any further than my kitchen to see the most spectacular gifts she has shared with me on this journey.

  • Instruments of Peace

    Sometimes I go searching for peace in yoga, in bitter herbal tea sweetened with honey from back home. I look for it in beautiful crystals chosen carefully to help me name my intentions, in the sweet smoke of palo santo filling a room. I beg my spirit guides and angels to bring me to it.…