• Counterbalance

    My life is Old McDonald and shamanic drumming. My life is chicken nuggets and kale smoothies. My life is time outs and quiet meditation. Our life is messy. Our life is imperfect. Our life is unique and beautiful and blessed. Our life is ours, powered by determination. Our life is Divine, fueled by Love. Our…

  • A Feminist’s Favorite Things of 2018

    “When the fight’s hard, When the POTUS tweets, When I’m feeling sad I simply remember my favorite things And then I don’t feel so bad…”

  • Healing

    In a heartbeat, the oriental rug Became a sea of Tiny glass beads. I asked if I should pick them up Or find the vacuum. “I’ll get them,” she says. I would have just vacuumed them. I go about my day. Later, I consider the sea of Tiny glass beads Scattered on the oriental rug.…

  • An Affirmation

    I am enough.

  • Wouldn’t It Be Nice

    Wouldn’t it be nice If everything was as simple As late night Lucky Charms With unicorn marshmallows And crinkled noses On scraggly blonde-haired Little boys As they declare, “I love you, mama!” 

  • A Note to Myself for When I’m Anxious:

    Everything really will be ok – I just forget to remember that sometimes.

  • Softness

    There is softness now/And the entire universe/Is so much better for it.