• The Gospel of Mary and Motherly Love

    Posted with permission from Julia Davis and deep reverence for her commitment to love and faith.

  • On Beauty

    Physical beauty is a raindrop where spiritual beauty is an ocean. In a culture that capitalizes on low self-esteem, we are instructed to hate ourselves. We are taught early to mask our flaws, hold in our stomachs, cover our blemishes, and conceal our humanness. It is a radical, courageous, and necessary thing to practice self-love,…

  • On Jihad and the Messages We Pick Up Along the Way

    “Most people think love should hurt.”

  • Always

    Always Helen Rose January 8, 2019 Author’s Note: I wrote this post in early 2019, before JK Rowling outed herself as a trans-exclusive radical feminist. I do not remotely condone Rowling’s beliefs or statements about the trans community and I am heartbroken that my childhood hero turned out to be so closed minded and harmful.…

  • On Coming Out and Adopting Trauma

    On Coming Out and Adopting Trauma Helen Rose January 7, 2019 An audio version of this post can be found here. Back in September, I finally found my way out of the closet. I’ve intentionally kept this close to the vest as I come to terms with it, learn what it looks like for me,…

  • On Ghosts and Hope

    On Ghosts and Hope Helen Rose December 30, 2018 *** Today was a beautiful day, and I’m still reveling in it. I got to give a sermon at my home church this morning. Honestly, I would have been happy just to give it to an empty room, but not only were there people there – it…

  • On Bouncing Back and Living in Color

    We can get distracted by low-vibration distractions like money, power, substances, or codependence. These things can trick us into believing that they are comforts, but really, they are bandages for wounds that need serious care.